money tree yellow leaves

Why Are My Money Tree Leaves Turning Yellow?

Money trees, Pachira aquatica, are frequently used in the art of Feng Shui because they symbolize prosperity. They are the popular way to promote abundance within a home or business.  Money trees turn yellow because of inadequate lighting, cold drafts, over and under-watering, low humidity, pest infestations, root rot, and over-fertilization. Solutions to each problem …

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do deer eat geraniums

Do Deer Eat Geraniums?

Geraniums make a great addition to your garden, adding color and gorgeous smells. When you put in the hard work to grow them, it can be disheartening when something starts eating them.  Deer eat geraniums when their usual food sources are not available. Geraniums will not be the first option as deer do not particularly …

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